How to Move a Flat Screen TV

Flat Screen TV with options for watching Gone Girl

Taking the time to pack your flat screen correctly is far cheaper than buying a new one, of this we can assure you. As much as we hate to admit it (or not – sorry not sorry), our flat screens are a staple in the home. To ensure no damage follow our Brotherly Advice and pack it right.   How to Pack Your Flat Screen The best option is to repack the TV in its original carton, if you kept… Read more

A Guide to Moving Food

Food being fried in pan

A lot of people forget about having to move food. If it hasn’t been on your mind before moving day, it should be – otherwise it becomes quite a challenge.

Moving Boxes 101: A Guide to Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes piled outside

When packing, certain concessions can be made with materials. For instance, it’s perfectly acceptable to use extra pillow cases or sheets as packing stuffing. Certain packing specifics can make your life a whole lot easier – like having the correct boxes. We see a lot of second hand boxes, or make-shift boxes, or taped-together boxes. When boxes have been over used, or are over filled, or are not meant to be lugged around, there are all sorts of problems that… Read more

Avoiding Moving Injuries

Hand with blue finger cast

Injuries happen even to the most experienced and strong of us. When it comes to lifting boxes, knowing how to lift, and when  to lift is what it really comes down to. Injuring your back is no joke. Nor is dropping something seriously heavy on a foot. Follow our Brotherly Advice to ensure you and your loved ones remain injury free on moving day!   Tips: Lift With Your Legs! We’ve all been told this before, but we’ll say it… Read more

How To Move Your Bedroom

Desk with many electronics on it

Our bedrooms are generally a huge source of stress when moving. Regardless of the Bedroom only being one room in the home, it is one of the most difficult to move. Mostly because of how varied the objects in the Bedroom are. From furniture to clothing, knickknacks to electronics, decorations to books. There are so many different types of things to pack up in a bedroom.   Take a look at these 3 Tips on How to Pack Up Your Bedroom:… Read more

How to Pick a Moving Day

Woman's hand marking a date in an agenda

More goes into deciding on a Moving Day than first meets the eye. Factors besides “We need to be out of our apartment by such-and-such date” play a role in how much you will spend as well as how efficiently a move can be done.   What Factors Affect The Pricing of a Move?   There are specific days or months when movers are busier. When you choose to move will have a large impact on how much your relocation… Read more

Recipe: How To Pack Up The Kitchen

set table

One of the most used rooms in the house, it’s hard to know when is the right time to start packing your kitchen up. Won’t you need this stuff up to the last minute? Technically, yes. However, concessions will have to be made.   Here are a few Tips to Pack Up Your Kitchen:   Organize Go through what is necessary and what is seldom used. Items like serving platters and wine glasses you can go without for the next… Read more

The Garage: Not Just for Your Car

Metal garage doors

With boxes everywhere, and trying to keep everything organized, your garage may just be the answer you’re looking for.   Start with The Garage For years your garage has been the dumping grounds for every item or box you think you may need in the future, or plan to donate. You may not even bother trying to squeeze your car in there anymore. Start your home de-cluttering process with the garage and free up all that space for your current… Read more

Moving into an Apartment 101

apartment buildings qwith electrical wire and shoes hanging over the wire

Moving Brothers are very adept at moving people into apartments! Apartment living has huge benefits, but can also have it’s pitfalls when it comes to Moving Day.   Here are a few tips to keep in mind:   Be Selfish With The Elevator Most apartment buildings will allow you to book the elevator for these types of situations. You may be thinking: “It’s not as if people use the elevator all day long! Do I really need to book it?”… Read more

How to Label Boxes

Colored tape

When it comes to labeling boxes for the move, there are a few different ways you can label them. Which one works the best really depends on you. However you choose to label your boxes, ensure you have an organized system. The less complicated the better.   Here are a few ways you can label:   By room You can box room by room, and label the contents of each box on the box. This way you can simply put… Read more


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