The Self-Storage Unit

furniture out on the road

Moving is hard enough as it is. There are so many factors that come into play when moving. A Self-Storage Unit is a secret weapon when it comes to moving.   Here are 3 Reasons you should consider a Self-Storage Unit for your next move: 1. Moving Out, Moving In Just because you are moving out of one place, doesn’t mean you are moving directly into your new home immediately. Perhaps you are waiting until a move-in date? Or waiting… Read more

How To Pack Electronics

stereo with headphones

Electronics are an integral part of our daily lives. Unlike packing bedding, books, or other items around the house, if packed incorrectly your electronics have a strong chance of be damaged during the move- regardless of how experienced your movers are. Follow these 5 Tips on moving Electronics to make sure you don’t open up your electronics boxes post-move and discover the broken remains of your prized stereo.   1. Manufacturers Guides! If you didn’t keep every piece of paper… Read more

How To Pack Books

desk next to bookshelf with lots of books

For some people, their books represent some of their most valued possessions. Either way, most of us accumulate a certain amount of books over time. They’re heavy, clunky, and made of paper. So when it comes to moving, you have two options: A) Donate, or B) Learn how to pack your books properly.   What you will need:   –STRONG Cardboard boxes –LOTS of Tape –EXTRA Newspaper   How To Pack Your Books:   Choose The Right Boxes Pick boxes… Read more

How To Move With Your Cat

Cat sitting on top on a cable box.

We wrote last week about How to Move With Your Dog, a tough task. Even tougher, is moving with your cat. Cats tend to be more aware of changes and the stress of those around them. Keep these tips in mind to prepare for a stress-free day of moving with your cat!   Safety It may be temping to place your cat in a carrier all day and bring them around with your or keep them nearby where you can keep… Read more

How To Move With Your Dog

bored dog at owners feet

15Most of us are anxious on moving day. Things are changing, we are leaving our safe zone, but at least we know why this is all happening as a consolation. Your dog, on the other hand, has no idea why people are invading, moving favourite doggy beds, coming in and out. Your dog doesn’t even like strangers entering the home under regular circumstances. Suffice it to say, Moving day is not your Dog’s idea of a good time.   Here… Read more

How to Have the Perfect Garage Sale

Yard sale sign

The end of Winter is coming. Phew! Soon we’ll be able to ditch the heavy jackets and spend some more time outside.   Spring is the perfect time to consider de-cluttering and getting rid of old, hardly-used furniture to make way for greener pastures.   With a fresh start in mind, here is some #BrotherlyAdvice on how to have the perfect Garage Sale!   Advertise Like Crazy Put an ad in Craiglist, draw many bright coloured posters and put them… Read more

How to Childproof Your Move

Moving Day is a stressful day as is without children wandering around and getting into trouble. Here are a few way to Child Proof your Move:   Absent Children If your children are of at least school age, try to schedule Moving Day during school hours. If they are not in school yet, or it’s vacation time, try to have your young ones somewhere else (with grandparents, aunt or uncles or close friends). Occupy Them Try designating an empty room… Read more

3 Apps for Moving Day

Girl check phone, clack and white, moving truck in the background

When moving it’s hard not to worry that you’re forgetting something really important. In this modern age, we rely on technology to keep us organized and ready to go. Here are a few apps that can keep everything straight. Here are a 3 Fabulous Apps to help you move: iMoving (iPad, Free) This app is compatible with your iPad so you don’t  have to organize everything on your small phone screen.  The app functions by taking you through every room in… Read more

10 Things to Keep Handy on Moving Day

pen and paper

Moving day can get a little crazy. Here’s some #BrotherlyAdvice – 10 things to keep handy on Moving Day:   1. Clothing At least bring a long an extra shirt, stains happen.   2. A Packing Kit Include scissors, tape, extra bags/boxes, garbage bags, and a black marker or two. 3. Toiletries Paper towel, toilet paper, soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, shampoo and conditioner, and deodorant. All must-haves for the first 24 hours in a new place. 4. Pet supplies If… Read more

How to Pack Seasonal Decorations

Christmas tree ornaments in gold and red

Coming out of a very festive season can have it’s benefits when packing for a move. Since everything is still out, or has been recently put away in boxes, we know where everything is located. It’s easy to just throw all of the decorations into a box labelled “Decorations”, but by packing your seasonal decorations separately, they will be easily accessible for next year and will make the holidays more enjoyable in the long run. Here are some #BrotherlyAdvice on how… Read more


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