How to Move your Clothes

While it is a little easier to pack items such as the toaster or throw pillows in advance, it becomes a little tougher when it comes to clothing. We like having the ability to choose an outfit every day. However, most people don’t realize moving our wardrobe is much more difficult than throwing every item of clothing we own into trash bags. Here are some tips:   Pack overnight bags for the whole family. Make sure you have a change… Read more

Move into the New Year

Moving Boxes

We all have big plans for the New Year: Be Healthier, Be Happier, Be a better You. Our tip to accomplish these goals? Be organized. Moving is all about organization, and organization requires an even bigger emphasis in winter. Moving is fresh start, and by setting out on the road to your new digs in an organized fashion, you start the year off the same way. Better move, better you!   1. Hire Movers We can help you there (wink).… Read more

How to Make Moving Fun for the Family

Brothers Moving Blog How to Make Moving Fun for the Family

How many people do you know actually consider moving fun? What if you can make moving more pleasurable? Here are a few ways to involve the children and make moving fun for the whole family: First, don’t rush – If you leave everything ‘til the last minute, you’ll be hurried and stressed. Then, when things don’t go as planned you will get frustrated. When tempers flare, it is not fun for anyone, so start the process early to ensure that… Read more

6 Great Moving Tips

Brothers Moving Blog 6 Great Moving Tips

You’ve got a big move coming up and you may be saying to yourself, “Where do I start? There’s so much to do…how do I get organized?”


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