brothers moving one month early

Besides packing, besides booking movers, there are a few other things in to have in order before Moving Day. In fact we suggest you do these things at least a month in advance.

Have no worries, our advice here will not affect your day to day life. This isn’t us telling you to pack your toothbrush a month in advance.

Here are a few things you need to have in order 1 month before moving:

Notify Service Providers

Don’t leave utility or web connections until the last minute. Contact service providers early and give them the date to current services need to be turned off by, as well as when to turn them on in your new location. You don’t want to spend the first week in your new home in the dark, do you?

As well, it’s a good idea to get in touch with your insurance, bank, and postal service before the move. Shame if you were to miss any important mail.

Get Documents in Order

Getting papers in order takes time. So make sure you start early and stay organized when getting all the important documents out of storage. Remember school records, medical history – all that good stuff  you need for, you know, life.

It’s also a good idea to pack documents in a container that is water proof. You don’t want to be damaging any of these papers when the move is going on.

Sort and Purge

Early before the move is the best time to get rid of a whole lot of old stuff you don’t need any more. Host a garage sale or give things away to friends or charity. Throw out or recycle what is no longer of use.

A new start is the perfect time to start out clutter-free.

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