When it comes to labeling boxes for the move, there are a few different ways you can label them. Which one works the best really depends on you.

However you choose to label your boxes, ensure you have an organized system. The less complicated the better.


Here are a few ways you can label:


  • By room

You can box room by room, and label the contents of each box on the box. This way you can simply put the box in the corresponding room in your new home.

  • By Category

Like with like. All electronics together, all books together, all blankets together, etc. You can also tailor this type of labeling – “Joe’s Blankets”, “Betty’s T-shirts”.

  • By Color

Using colored markers or tape, designate each box. You can do this by room – each room has it’s own color, and you can have a master key marked with which colors are which. Or you can designate a color to each person – Joe’s boxes are Blue, Betty’s boxes are Green, House-Use Boxes (such as kitchen supplies) are Grey. Pretty simple.