How many people do you know actually consider moving fun?

What if you can make moving more pleasurable?

Here are a few ways to involve the children and make moving fun for the whole family:

First, don’t rush – If you leave everything ‘til the last minute, you’ll be hurried and stressed. Then, when things don’t go as planned you will get frustrated. When tempers flare, it is not fun for anyone, so start the process early to ensure that you don’t feel rushed and that you take the time to do it right.

Play the Moving Game – Create a game to involve young children and make the process less chaotic and more amusing. See who can move the most number of boxes or who can clean and then pack their room the fastest. How about challenging a family member in each room to see who can fill up more trash bags to toss?

Create a moving playlist – Listening to music when you move can make the time go faster. Let each member of the family come up with songs for the playlist with a moving theme, or have each person create a different playlist for each phase of the move (packing, traveling, cleaning, etc.)

Eat a good meal – And for the Big Prize… Let the winner of one of your games pick a restaurant to eat at or order in from once you are all moved in.

All it takes is a little imagination. Brothers Moving will make sure that your move is smooth and hassle free, and even perhaps… fun!