We wrote last week about How to Move With Your Dog, a tough task. Even tougher, is moving with your cat.

Cats tend to be more aware of changes and the stress of those around them. Keep these tips in mind to prepare for a stress-free day of moving with your cat!


  • Safety

It may be temping to place your cat in a carrier all day and bring them around with your or keep them nearby where you can keep an eye on them. However, moving your cat around and having them in them in the presence of all the commotion will only stress them out more.

It’s best to keep your cat in one room, with their bed, some toys, their food, plenty of water, and their litter box. Remember to keep a sign on the door so no one lets the cat out by mistake!

  • Pamper A Little

Keep some treats on hand, but not too many! Your cat has a sensitive stomach and rich treats will upset their digestion.

As for your cats stress, keeping some familiar items nearby is helpful. Toys or beds are good examples. Vets also suggest different remedies to help felines remain at ease. Catnip, pheromone spray. There are a few option to spray in the carrier, on familiar object like blankets, or in the car or new home so your cat can adjust quickly.

  • Act By Example

Your cat senses your emotions. They know when something is up. So one of the best things you can do for your pet is to keep yourself feeling comfortable.

Stay organized, smile, enjoy the experience, and everything will move along smoothly!