brothers moving bedroom

Our bedrooms are generally a huge source of stress when moving.

Regardless of the Bedroom only being one room in the home, it is one of the most difficult to move. Mostly because of how varied the objects in the Bedroom are. From furniture to clothing, knickknacks to electronics, decorations to books. There are so many different types of things to pack up in a bedroom.

Take a look at these 3 Tips on How to Pack Up Your Bedroom:

  • Take a Close Look

Before you even get started on packing, take a good close look at everything in your bedroom. Explore. Look under the bed, in the back of the closet, the top of your desk.

Many possessions go unnoticed for long periods of time in a bedroom. The bedroom often becomes the resting grounds for random storage – such as boxes full of mementos hidden in the back of the closet for “later” inspection.

Take a good look. If you can, making a list never hurts either and will making packing easier.

  • Measure

Your present room may be larger or smaller than the one you are moving into. Hopefully you have measured your new space, now is the time to measure your possessions.

Cross you fingers your bed, desk, chest of drawers, and pinball machine can fit. If not, time to downsize (you know what to get rid of!).

  • Don’t Underestimate Time

Do not underestimate how soon Moving Day comes. It may suck in the present to live in a room that’s mostly packed up, but the sooner you can get your packing game on point, the better.

Anything that is not necessary for living right now, get it packed up. Your high school textbooks? Those boxes of photo albums? Chances are you won’t be cracking those open any time soon – may as well get ahead of the game.

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