For some people, their books represent some of their most valued possessions. Either way, most of us accumulate a certain amount of books over time. They’re heavy, clunky, and made of paper. So when it comes to moving, you have two options: A) Donate, or B) Learn how to pack your books properly.


What you will need:


STRONG Cardboard boxes

LOTS of Tape

EXTRA Newspaper


How To Pack Your Books:


  • Choose The Right Boxes

Pick boxes that are not too big. As books can be quite heavy, using boxes that are too large will force you to put more books in which, trust us, is no cakewalk to carry.

As well, once you have your boxes, an option is to line them with packing paper – some hard covers have lovely covers worth protecting from rips and other damage.

  • Do Not Overfill

Repeat: Do Not Overfill The Boxes.

Pack books flat, not upright or a mixture. Leave at least an inch or two at the top. If you overfill, the boxes become unstable and you run the risk of sacrificing the structure and strength of the box. The boxes will not hold, and they will not travel well.

  • Fill In The Gaps

Since you’ve decided to take our advice and not overfill those boxes, take some extra newspaper and stuff it between gaps in the books, and on top.

  • Go Tape Crazy

Next comes the tape. Don’t be shy. Multiple layers won’t hurt, either.

  • Label!

Please label your Book Boxes. Movers see a small box and expect it to be lighter. We need to know what is going to be heavy and not labeling a heavy box can result in an injury (lift with the legs!).