One of the most used rooms in the house, it’s hard to know when is the right time to start packing your kitchen up. Won’t you need this stuff up to the last minute?

Technically, yes. However, concessions will have to be made.


Here are a few Tips to Pack Up Your Kitchen:


  • Organize

Go through what is necessary and what is seldom used. Items like serving platters and wine glasses you can go without for the next couple weeks.

Pay attention to the pantry. Canned goods can be packed-up and set aside for Moving Day.

As for your essentials – cutlery, plates, and a couple pots and pans – can be kept out and used until your last days in your old dwelling, and the first few days in your new one.


  • Pack With Care

Separate, fill up spaces with peanuts or extra newspaper, and label!


  • Utensils

For items like utensils that are more sturdy, you can tape together and wrap as such. They don’t take up too much room so they most likely don’t need their own box.


  • Cook Books

For books, you can follow our guide to Packing Books! Don’t overfill boxes and take care to pack so the integrity of the spines are not ruined during the moving process!

Happy Cooking!