With boxes everywhere, and trying to keep everything organized, your garage may just be the answer you’re looking for.


  • Start with The Garage

For years your garage has been the dumping grounds for every item or box you think you may need in the future, or plan to donate. You may not even bother trying to squeeze your car in there anymore.

Start your home de-cluttering process with the garage and free up all that space for your current storage needs!


  • Keep The Momentum Going!

Now that you’ve de-cluttered, you can use the garage as your storage area for boxes and other items to be moved rather than have them hanging out in the hallways or bedrooms!

To keep things organized, assign areas of the garage to specific articles: Kitchenware, Electronics, etc.


  • Make Your Move Easier

If you have followed our advice and made use of your garage, your move just became a lot easier! Your garage opens up right onto the street – where your moving van is parked!

No dirty shoe prints on the wooden floors to clean up or accidental dents in the wall paint while moving larger items. No having to deal with rotating items to fit through tiny doors! Straight from garage to truck to your new home!