When moving it’s hard not to worry that you’re forgetting something really important. In this modern age, we rely on technology to keep us organized and ready to go. Here are a few apps that can keep everything straight.

Here are a 3 Fabulous Apps to help you move:

(iPad, Free)

This app is compatible with your iPad so you don’t  have to organize everything on your small phone screen.  The app functions by taking you through every room in your house and allows you to add every item to inventory – you can also personalize and name each room as you go. The app also calculates every item by weight and cubic feet creating on on-going tally with the ability to add more items.


Suddath’s Moving Guru
(iPhone, Free)

A helpful organizer app, the program allows you to add moving related tasks to your calendar 10 weeks in advance to your moving date. You can also track any shipments, send notifications to phone contacts (“We’ve moved!”), watch helpful videos, or read up on moving terminology. You’ll be glad you did, this way you can tell us that all your boxes were PBO (Packed by Owner). Way to go!


(Android, Free)

With this app you can switch back and forth between volume and weight (so calculation errors don’t happen) while creating an inventory, forward your inventory to anyone from movers to insurance companies, include dimensions of non-standard items,  and include photos of all items to include in your survey list so that you can make sure nothing has been damaged in the move for your insurance.