brothers moving avoid moving injuries

Injuries happen even to the most experienced and strong of us. When it comes to lifting boxes, knowing how to lift, and when  to lift is what it really comes down to.

Injuring your back is no joke. Nor is dropping something seriously heavy on a foot. Follow our Brotherly Advice to ensure you and your loved ones remain injury free on moving day!


Lift With Your Legs!

We’ve all been told this before, but we’ll say it again. Lift with your legs. When you bend your knees you’re making sure your back isn’t doing all the work. Use your legs to hoist back up and on you go!

Contract Your Abdomen!

Along with lifting with the legs comes using your ab muscles. We all have them. Regardless if they are of the Ryan Gosling variety or not, they’re there. Contracting them when you lift heavy things will relieve the strain on your lower and middle back and protect your spine.

Turn With Your Feet!

Do not twist your body at the waist when carrying heavy boxes! You can injure your spine this way. Instead, if someone calls your name, or you need to move out of the way, or change direction, turn with your feet.

Have a Game Plan!

Don’t just go around picking up heavy objects without first knowing where you’re taking it. When it comes to carrying furniture or other heavy things, it doesn’t matter how strong you are – we all have our limits.

Not only do you not want to be carrying something bulky and weighted longer than you have to, but you could also cause damage to the living space or other people if you drop it or exit while someone’s entering. Make sure to communicate with everyone else around to ensure all parties are on the same page!

Know Your Limits!

We’re not Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and neither are you (unless The Rock is reading this right now, in which case, carry on). Moving Day is not the day to test just how much you can lift. Save that for the gym with a spotter.

On a selfish note, injuries slow Moving Day down. So stay safe for everyone’s sake and sanity.

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