Moving Day is a stressful day as is without children wandering around and getting into trouble.

Here are a few way to Child Proof your Move:


Absent Children

  • If your children are of at least school age, try to schedule Moving Day during school hours.
  • If they are not in school yet, or it’s vacation time, try to have your young ones somewhere else (with grandparents, aunt or uncles or close friends).

Occupy Them

  • Try designating an empty room for them to play in to keep them out of danger’s way.
  • Give them a box to pack with their stuffed animals and toys.
  • Plan for snack and naps – when kids are tired or haven’t had enough to eat they get cranky.

Keep an Eye Out

  • Communicate with everyone assisting to ensure everyone knows where your children are at all times.

Safety First

  • Keep all medications, tools, harmful cleaning supplies, or sharp/pointy objects away from the kids. Whether it’s packing them first or designating all these items to a zone that is off limits.
  • De-Childproof last. Take down outlet covers, gates, etc. last to reduce the possibility of your child injuring themselves during the chaotic move when you’re not watching.