brothers moving renter moving out

For renters it is especially important that the apartment or house they have been living in is in good condition when they finally move. The aim here is to get your security deposit back, after all, isn’t it?

Here’s our Brotherly Advice for organizing your move:

  • Clean Up Your Mess

While most landlords are great, some aren’t, and they will pick anything that isn’t exactly up to standard as a reason to keep your security deposit.

So clean. Clean the place inside and out. Scrub the floors, wipe down appliances, clean windows, and dust your little heart out.

It is a lot of work. If the task is more than you have time for (or you just don’t want to do it) you also have the option of hiring a professional cleaner.

  • Keep the Paint Fresh

Chances are you have pictures up. Smooth and Spackle that wall, paint where necessary.

  • Leave Nothing Behind

While you may think it’s a great idea to leave future tenants your bed, or a desk, your landlord probably won’t. Unless it is agreed upon beforehand with the next renters, and then related to the landlord, the only things you should be leaving behind are a couple light bulbs, and maybe a roll of toilet paper.

  • Collect Keys

You may have made a spare key for a partner, a parent, or just have on hand in case yours gets lost. Make sure you leave all keys behind when you vacate the premises.

  • Snap Photos

Once you’ve cleaned, repaired, and removed all of your possessions, take some pictures to document. If your landlord creates a bit of a tiff, you have proof you left the place in good condition.

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