15Most of us are anxious on moving day. Things are changing, we are leaving our safe zone, but at least we know why this is all happening as a consolation.

Your dog, on the other hand, has no idea why people are invading, moving favourite doggy beds, coming in and out. Your dog doesn’t even like strangers entering the home under regular circumstances. Suffice it to say, Moving day is not your Dog’s idea of a good time.


Here are 5 tips to make Moving Day easier on your Dog:

  • Keep Routines Consistent

You dog likes routine – try to keep feeding and walkings as close as possible to regular schedule.

  • Give All The Love And Affection

Giving your furry friend a rub between the ears lets them know everything is okay. This is not the day to withhold love.

  • Familiarize Them With The New Digs

If possible, plan to let your furry pal sniff and walk around the new digs a little. Let them familiarize the smells of the new environment. It’ll help in the long run.

  • Walk Before The Move

Taking your dog for a long walk before you have to get in the car and drive can be extremely advantageous. Not only does it tire them out a little, but it also gives your movers time to pack all the boxes into the van and organize.

  • Keep Treats Handy

We’re not saying to feed your dog treats all day long. However, your dog understands that good behaviour is rewarded with treats. Frankly we could all do with a couple treats on moving day.