Electronics are an integral part of our daily lives. Unlike packing bedding, books, or other items around the house, if packed incorrectly your electronics have a strong chance of be damaged during the move- regardless of how experienced your movers are.

Follow these 5 Tips on moving Electronics to make sure you don’t open up your electronics boxes post-move and discover the broken remains of your prized stereo.


1. Manufacturers Guides!

If you didn’t keep every piece of paper that came with your electronics, fear not! Luckily for you, most companies now have downloadable versions of all manufacturing guides. These guides ensure that you not only take apart your electronics correctly, but that you can put them back together again!


2. Take Pictures!

From cable cords to HDMIs,  how all of your devices are connected to other devices or even the walls can get a little tricky. Take pictures so you can remember what goes where so that once you’re in your new digs, you won’t be scrambling to connect cables and wires in the last seconds before your favorite TV show airs!


3. Two Words: Bubble Wrap

Wrapping with Newspaper just won’t cut it when it comes to your favorite devices. Wrap each electronic, or piece of electronic in bubble wrap carefully and separately. You don’t want anything bumping or rubbing against something else resulting in scratches, dents, or broken pieces.


4. More Bubble Wrap!

As an added precaution, you can line your boxes with bubble wrap. As well, once your bubble wrapped electronics are safely placed inside the boxes, add extra wrap or foam peanuts to fill up spaces – you don’t want anything moving around during the ride over!


5. Label

Since your electronics are your life-line (exaggeration? That’s up to you), label your boxes as to what is inside each of them: Stereo, TV, Cable Boxes, etc. Also make sure to add the word “FRAGILE” with sharpie where it is clearly visible!


Extra tip: most people forget to add arrows indicating the topside of the box!