Coming out of a very festive season can have it’s benefits when packing for a move. Since everything is still out, or has been recently put away in boxes, we know where everything is located.

It’s easy to just throw all of the decorations into a box labelled “Decorations”, but by packing your seasonal decorations separately, they will be easily accessible for next year and will make the holidays more enjoyable in the long run.

Here are some #BrotherlyAdvice on how to pack your Seasonal Decorations:

Stay Organized

· Supplies you should have ready include: tape, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, a black marker, and boxes.
· Separate your decorations (ornament, lights, bows and ribbons, etc.)
· Garment bags are a great option for storing wrapping paper and the like without crushing or wrinkling it.
· Include a “Seasonal Clothing Box” for sweaters with pictures of reindeers you only wear once a year.
· Label everything!

Pack Safely
· All that bubble wrap will come in handy while packing up delicate decorations like ornaments or small menorahs taking care so that they don’t bump up against other items.
· Avoid over packing boxes.
· After everything is packed, fill extra space with crushed paper, bubble wrap, or foam peanuts to keep everything in place.

The main thing to remember is to pack all of these things like the precious possessions they are. This way, when you take them out next year, the fun can begin a lot sooner!