More goes into deciding on a Moving Day than first meets the eye. Factors besides “We need to be out of our apartment by such-and-such date” play a role in how much you will spend as well as how efficiently a move can be done.


What Factors Affect The Pricing of a Move?


There are specific days or months when movers are busier. When you choose to move will have a large impact on how much your relocation will cost you.

Movers tend to be busier on weekends, beginning/end of months, summer months, and holidays.

By planning ahead and booking time off work to move during the week, or moving in Winter (if you live somewhere with a temperate climate can increase your chances of a smoother and more cost effective move.


What to Take into Account?


  • Mover’s Availability

As we mentioned, Movers are busier during certain periods. Choosing less busy times of year, or planning ahead of time will assure we are available to help you move.

  • Time of Day

It is often best to plan a move earlier in the day so that you can avoid traffic and have more time for the move.

  • Rent/Jobs/Life

Some Rental Agreements have clear policies on how much notice a Landlord requires before you leave. Make sure everyone is aware of the moving date and that there are no problems.

When you decide to move may have to do with being closer to a new job, or other factors outside of your control like when your children finish their school year. These are all components to take into account when planning a move.

If you are planning on waiting until summer for a school year to finish, or for a new job to start in the New Year, plan ahead and book us early!


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