We all have big plans for the New Year: Be Healthier, Be Happier, Be a better You. Our tip to accomplish these goals? Be organized. Moving is all about organization, and organization requires an even bigger emphasis in winter.

Moving is fresh start, and by setting out on the road to your new digs in an organized fashion, you start the year off the same way. Better move, better you!


1. Hire Movers

We can help you there (wink). Moving is tough, doing it alone and in the cold and snow is even harder. There’s no reason to turn down help where help is needed.


2. Clear the Way

Prepare your walkways and driveway by shoveling and laying down salt to ensure no one slips and hurts themselves while carrying boxes and furniture.


3. Cover your Bases

Carting boxes from the house to a moving truck is a process that takes a few trips (at least!). With the slushy grounds and damp sidewalks we tend to drag a lot of dirt with us into the house, which can slow the move down. Instead of being left with a huge clean up after everything’s in the truck, we suggest taping down some cardboard or plastic sheeting in high- traffic areas!


4. Stay Ahead of the Game

After the pack comes the unpacking. To keep the whole process moving smoothly, make sure you have all your utilities set up before you arrive so you can come home to electricity, heating, and hot water.

Also make sure to pack over night backs with extra layers and essential toiletries! An extra tip: Try to pack items that will be needed straight away in boxes labelled “Unpack First” so you can have your blankets and sheets ready to collapse into that first night.


5. Stay Warm

Remember to dress accordingly to the weather, just because we’re covering all the heavy lifting doesn’t mean you can’t catch a cold.

Finally, when in doubt, keep hot liquids like hot chocolate in hand (and it never hurts to share!).