Moving Brothers are very adept at moving people into apartments!

Apartment living has huge benefits, but can also have it’s pitfalls when it comes to Moving Day.


Here are a few tips to keep in mind:


  • Be Selfish With The Elevator

Most apartment buildings will allow you to book the elevator for these types of situations. You may be thinking: “It’s not as if people use the elevator all day long! Do I really need to book it?”

Trust us, it is exactly when you need the elevator most that suddenly other residents are coming and going! Book the elevator in advance to ensure a quicker move!


  • Measure Your Belongings

You may have a picture in your mind’s eye of where all of your belongings are going to go. That said, just because you know your bed side table is the length of your arm, doesn’t mean it will actually fit once it’s in the apartment.

Measure larger items in advance properly with measuring tape – not how many times your hand fits across! It’s not so fun when you have just spent the entire day moving furniture into your apartment to discover that it doesn’t fit!


  • Don’t Forget About Your Storage Locker

If your new apartment includes a storage locker, make use of it! While living in a smaller space like an apartment has huge benefits and allows you to live a less-cluttered life, you do need to be smart about storage!

Find out your storage locker’s location prior to moving in, as well as its size, and keep the key on you Moving Day! Also plan out what you want to put in it! If it’s summer, there’s no reason to keep your bulky winter wear and sleds in the apartment!