Moving is hard enough as it is. There are so many factors that come into play when moving.

A Self-Storage Unit is a secret weapon when it comes to moving.


Here are 3 Reasons you should consider a Self-Storage Unit for your next move:

1. Moving Out, Moving In

Just because you are moving out of one place, doesn’t mean you are moving directly into your new home immediately. Perhaps you are waiting until a move-in date? Or waiting for a new condo to be finished.

Scheduling can be an issue; in this case, a self –storage unit is your best bet. You can keep your boxes and larger items in one place, keeping just the essentials with you, and be ready when the date for your second move arrives.


2. Making Changes

Whether you are down-sizing or just planning on new furniture, a self-storage unit allows you the time to get rid of a few things.


3. De-Clutter

If you are the kind of person who is always organized and ready for anything, you may already have a bunch of stuff packed up.

Having all of those boxes laying around prior to moving can have its down falls. In the process of trying to pack up other things or attempting to access items, the boxes you have already neatly packed may be moved or kicked around, or used as a bed for a pet (we’re talking to you cat owners!).

Packing in advance is supposed to leave you stress-free, but with all that clutter it’s hard to just relax!